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At goMobiili, we’re simplifying things. We deliver innovative and environmental friendly products. Whether you’re selling or promoting your products. It’s more fun to do so with style. So, simplify your world and enjoy work that much more.

OOH=Out of Home Advertising

Segway mop/up trolley out of home advertising figure

Customer Roberts Coffee

Segway PT mop/up Kiosk Trolley

We are using best available materials


Millimeter counts!


Manufactured in a lot of manual labor


We shape the metal and plastic


Our production place and sub contractors are carefully selected


Our vision

“Our Vision was to create new channel for sellers & advertisers” and to give a new “life and purpose” for Segway PT”. Totally new earning points, not only sell and rent Segway PT´s.

Our story

Golden Door Oy, Finland was established in 1989. We were O´Neill Distributor between 1999-2005. Segway Dealer since 2005, Segway Distributor since 2015. Golden Door Oy has been member of Eurimage Holding Ltd. since 1990(Leading European association for Promotional Products).

Because year after year, difficulties to sell Segway PT´s we have tried to find some way to use this extra ordinary product for something else than just to drive from A to B location. We wanted to create more value for Segway marketing. Competition is coming and fast, today you can find many different personal transporters in market, the cheap ones!

We have used some trolley versions where trolley is behind of the Segway PT or there are big side boxes what brings more width. Doing that you lose one of the Segway PT biggest benefit, the width less than 80 cm guarantee it fits through all doors. From the start it was very obvious that if trolley is behind of you, it is not good for our purpose, we want to create something what makes easy to sell, advertise and do promotions, we want to go there where peoples are, we want to attract them, speak with them, sell to them. We want to be face to face with customers. We need to drive inside and outside, tight pavements, fit in elevators, drive on tight floor corridors, go to fairs, outdoor events etc. places where are a lot of peoples. People’s safety and security has been our top priority from the beginning of the project.

In addition, the Segway PT runnability and usability has to be normal, there can’t be danger to add front trolley on it. Again, after going through several tests and versions we have found good materials and lengths for different parts.

Beginning of 2014 we made a decision that we would start a project to build front trolley for Segway PT the trolley what can storage goods and as a bonus do advertising with full covered advertising shield which covers trolley from wheel to wheel.

“Our Vision was to create new channel for sellers & advertisers” and to give a new “life and purpose” for Segway PT”. Totally new earning points, not only sell and rent Segway PT´s.

Autumn 2014 we started to find right people and companies, who could draw it and calculate dimensions etc.

From the beginning we have used special engineering skills and chosen best available materials keep in mind durability and weight.

Then one day, late year 2014, I did spoke with one of our customers(engineer) who bought Segway PT a couple of years ago from Golden Door Oy. He understood Segway PT mechanism, gyroscope and functionality also in theory. He has a over 30 years background to build different metallic and technical solutions for several industry levels in Finland. I also knew his ability and skills from different customer cases. I asked him to jump in for our project and asked him to build first version for us to test drive. From the beginning our threat and worry was that if Segway PT doesn’t stand on weight on front of it or it´s runnability and usability get some errors.

Yes there will be some limitations for sure, but how to avoid them and get maximum weight on it, that was our biggest issue some time.

We wanted to keep Segway PT driving features as normal as possible. Also to keep Segway PT dimensions, maximum width 67,5 cm, the maximum length was found later after several test versions.

There are some limitations on downhills, side hills and uphills, also if you try to go too fast, there are some things that are  good to know, it goes over the curbs by driving. Also you need to know how much weight you can put on it. Today, we are in position where we know all these things after 12 months of  experience with many different customers during year 2016.

Regarding the trolley structure, we have custom made a moulds for all plates, side plates and wheel inners. We have protected our work with a “Utility Patent” which includes how trolley or anything is attached with Segway PT or any personal self balancing transporter. We are offering open platform for our customers if needed.

For accessories we are using only best available cooling or thermo goods, they are used and known by air crafts.

First production was 12 trolleys. All was sold out in 1 month. Second production was for 100 pcs, all parts are manufactured in Finland. We have called our project goMobiili what is also factory name and patent owner. The selling rights has transferred to our Estonian sister company Golden Door Estonian OÜ.

Our Team

We have a mix of experience, with attention and innovation. We have been working together on the project since the beginning.


JP Heino

Founder & CEO


During my career, I have worked with global top brands. I imported O’Neill for six years and I have imported Segway since 2005. Working with these companies has taught me a lot during the years and I have started to understand the necessary factors you need in your brand in order to make it a successful one. Golden Door is a Finnish member of Pan European-wide business gift concept. As an owner of the Golden Door Oy I can get continuous information of worldwide marketing and new products. Sales and marketing have been close to my heart for my entire life!

My motto “I do my best every day”


Krista Heino



I have been working for Golden Door since 2000.  I have also work experience from the travel industry but for Golden Door my expertise has been in logistics and the back-office operations. My newest addition to my job description has been accounting. I love new challenges and I am eager to learn. Working with an innovative company with fresh new ideas keeps it easy to stay motivated and brings energy and drive to my work. I am also a trained sales professional and have experience from multiple different fairs around Europe. I am a proud mother of one and consider dancing and running as my favorite hobbies on my free time.


Niclas Heino

Business Development Director


A business student at Coker College, South Carolina where I am majoring in Business Administration (Management) and minoring in Economics. Interested in international business and new innovations. I have grew up witnessing and helping different projects and especially the development of Golden Door Oy has provided me with unique business environment experience from early age. As a person, I would consider myself ambitious, outgoing and determined. I speak Finnish, English, Spanish and Swedish and I am constantly trying to create new networks from different countries with different people and companies. My special interests are golf and ice hockey.

“It’s not just about being better. It’s about being different. You need to give people a reason to choose your business.” – Tom Abbot

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