Product information

Suomi-Finland 100 Years Cap Shop

MPH HEADGEAR OY opened first mobile mop/up3 Cap Shop in the world. The idea is to advertise MPH Headgear brand and sell Suomi-Finland 100 Years merchandise caps and knitwear. You can find the Cap Shop from downtown Helsinki.

I like the shield visual which tell about our 100 years history with one sight.


mop/up™ Trolley for JuCad

Segway, mop/up Trolley for JuCad at goExpo Golf, movable fair table

JuCad did choose mobile mop/up3 Flat Table for the Golf Expo

“I think we did excellent choice with this solution, now we had a small booth where we had small challenge to show our brand to visitors. How to separate from competitors, we were looking some eye-catcher thing long time. When I saw this mobile fair table I knew this is it. We can advertise and deliver the catalogues to visitors with this mop/up trolley. Don´t you think it look awesome!” – Mrs. Nathalie Franz JuCad GmbH.


WEGE POPS Promotion 6.5.2017

I would like to share with you our latest promotion with mop/up Kiosks. The promotion was organized by MKTG Event Company for their customers Froneri and Apetit.

The promotion idea was to launch new WEGE POPS Ice Cream to consumers.

Date: Saturday, 6.5.2017

Location: Helsinki downtown, Finland

Execution: Giving up and promoting WEGE POPS Ice Creams to people in downtown Helsinki.

Resources: 2 pieces of mop/up1 kiosk, 1 piece of freezer car.

Staff: 2 mop/up Kiosk drivers, one assistant person at the freezer car to help with the filings and one person filming and taking photos for the social media.

Marketing field: OOH (Out of Home Advertising)

Results: Within 6 hours and 30 minutes mop/up Kiosks distributed 7,000 WEGE POPS Ice Creams.

Considerations: The weather was cloudy and temperature between 9 and 14 degrees of celsius. People were interested in the new WEGE POPS Ice Creams as they showed interest to the mop/up Kiosks as well. All of our ice cream that we had with us was gone after the promotion.

” I noticed that the mop/up Kiosks received extra attention and they were easy and efficient to work with. With mop/up Kiosks made it was easy to change places even though the downtown area was full of people. It was also nice to notice how much the new WEGE Ice Cream attracted people”. – Promo girl Emilia.

Some pictures for your viewing